Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nice weather and woohoo the midgies have gone

Welllllllllll the midges have dissapeared this week, its been cooler and thank goodness they have all taken off for Dubai or somewhere, its been great as between jobs I have managed to get some clearing done again. This last couple of months were hell in the garden with the midgies I have never seen anything like them, for next summer we may invest in one of those machines that emit co2 and use infra red to attract them then zap them.

I had a couple of computer jobs this week and the websites are starting to move too so that is good, the electrician is coming tomorrow and hopefully the floors will get laid this coming week too. I shall have to go out and buy the wood flooring this weekend.

How can they not trace who posted the anti Islam video on youtube? could it be that they havent really tried? A trailer for the anti-Islamic video was posted on YouTube in July. An Arabic-language translation began circulating in the Middle East in recent days. Clips from the movie depict the Prophet Muhammad as a villainous, homosexual, child-molesting buffoon, among other overtly insulting claims. Free speech is all very well but inciting violence via this sort of video is, in my mind a  criminal act and the people responsible should be punished. Mind you the violence, put down to the video, in parts of the middle east, is also to be condemed I suppose it highlights how uneducated the protestors are and how keen they are to attack the Satanic American. Anywayyyyyy !!!

The marina are letting me leave the boat there all year for less than the summer rate which is good as last March was the best month of the year and I didnt have the boat in the water untill the start of May so I missed a good chance to go cruising, I shall have to take her out at some point to antifoul the bottom but there is no growth yet. I will just do the antifoul with her on the trailer on the slipway I launched her at. One never knows maybe we will have an Indian summer. Its windy today but if it drops down a bit I may get some fishing in this weekend.

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