Friday, September 7, 2012

Kitchen tiles

Well I have the tiler here today and tomorrow and the floor in the kitchen is looking great already, there are three different sized tiles layed in a pattern they look like marble but arent, better for cleaning and they wont scratch as easy apparently. I will take photos after he finishes.

I took the yacht trailer back up to the house yesterday, a friend was storing it for me while my driveway was busy with builders vans, and I gave it a coat of paint, started yesterday as the weather was lovely but the midges stopped me as they were forming huge cloauds round my head, today is cooler and more windy so I finished painting the undercoat and serviced the whinch etc.

There is a big high pressure system over the UK but we seem to be on the outskirts of it but at least its dry anyway. I think the forecast was ok and getting better towards the weekend, it would be nice to get out on the boat this week. Feeling back to normal health wise here too which is good as I dont do sick very well.

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