Sunday, September 4, 2011

More photos of Derrykyle

At the bottom of the property there is a wee loch which I hope is full of trout, Gus went and jumped in of course and came out covered in mud.
The O shaped part at the end is clear water with no reeds but the U shaped bit is pretty much all reeds there is about 20 ft of dry between the water and the fence line, which could take grazing animals, they would certainly help chop back the growth.

One of my first jobs will be pressure washing off the patio and getting it looking good as the view from it is excellent, I'll make a firepit out there for sitting round on cold Friday nights when the barbi is on. I have had a barbique every Friday night since arriving here last year regardless of the weather, benifits of having a barbi with a lid.
These guys are just a couple of miles down the road as is the bridge below

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