Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swimming in Blancmange

Buying a house in Ireland is like swimming through blancmange with a breeze block tied round your waist. Mind you doing anything here that involves reading or writing or use of more than one brain cell seems to be like swimming through blancmange so I dont know why I am supprised. The real estate agent at one point in the house search said it could take up to three months to buy a house here lol in my naievity I thought ochh if I have the cash and they are keen to sell what can take that time.

In the solicitors defence, in the past bits of land were sold on a handshake and a bottle of poutine and the land size must have been estimated, I have two bills of sale one says 6 acres and the other 3 and 3 perches, of course it all needs sorted out before I proceed, so now the land needs to go back for first land registration and well as having retro planning permission as the house was built in a different spot on the land. Thankfully that expence is on the sellers.

It looks like we may get to move into the house on a caretaker agreement which means rent free accomodation, but the house is pretty ordinary and we were going to do work on it before living there, ohh well maybe I shall find out more tomorrow.

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