Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup

Well I'm lucky enough to be able to watch the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony this morning, well I thought I was going to be lucky but, well its not my scene. Over choreographed is the term that pops into my mind, the commentator is saying how last time they hosted the cup it was a group of schoolkids carrying placards with all the countrys playing on them, and he is saying how much better this is, well bring back the schoolkids with maybe some Haka thrown in, for the craic. Australia was really bad for overdoing opening ceremonies too every one was like a competition to see how much money could be spent. I am looking forward to the rugby right enough lol. Ohh Sky tv isnt showing it so I cancelled my subscription to the sports channel so I have to listen to blinkin George Hook commentating, hes like the Irish version of Bert Newton, without the wig.

The house sale has gone back maybe 3 months due to a problem with the house being built on a different spot than the planning permmision shows, because its more than 7 years its just a matter of course for the retrospective planning permission but it still has to go to court which takes up to 3 months. Of course I shant be proceeding until it is settled, unfortunately this will put back renovations into the dreaded Christmas / New Year time frame :(

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