Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12 week wait

Well its getting cooler here now and the leaves are turning, wont be long until winter, we had a blast of wind and rain which was the tail end of the huricaine that hit the states earlier in the month and it knocked down a load of trees but this week hasn't been too bad.

Derrykyle has had a survey done on it and I'm awaiting the results but I went round with the surveyor and there was nothing that would put me off buying it I don't think anyway. There was a problem with the position the house is built on, it differs from the plans, so that is in court for retrospective planning approval but because the house was built 30 years ago its just a formality. However it takes 12 weeks for them to get their act together so that has put the sale back. The owners are letting us move in rent free until the court approval so we shall get the keys on the 4th October. Also the loch in the garden is a man made structure so I have to make sure there is no problem with that.

There was a couple on the TV yesterday that were converting their home to have 0% emissions and be self sufficient which would be great if I could go somewhere down that track, so I have been looking at solar panels for water heating and using a back boiler on the wood burning stove to heat central heating as there is heaps of wood at Derrykyle. Also their are grants for making the house more energy efficient with insulation etc. Living in the place for a couple of months before I pay for it will be good too apart from saving rent it will give me a chance to get lots of quotes and see what needs doing most / first.

My pal Keith has a cattle trailer I shall use to move furniture and I am currently recruiting labour if anyone is interested lol. Right, I was expecting utter silence.

Well I should get a move on here, bed needs changing, washing needs done, hoovering is an option, watching the second half of Italy vs Russia is the other one, and my dogs need their daily constitutionals and there are groceries to be bought and a fixed laptop to return to its owner. Phew whoever said a house husbands work is never done, was right.

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