Thursday, September 22, 2011

No telephone line

My new house has no telephone line to it and I think the line rental is a bit of a con so rather than have to sign up for a year with Eircom and have an unsightly pole in my garden I am going to try satelite internet and a skype in number. My new number will be 091 442 472 same code as before for Ireland. I have a telephone that is connected wirelessly to a base station that is in turn connected to the broadband modem. This means that there doesnt need to be a pc turned on to recieve skype calls. I pay 50 Euro a year for the number and skype out charges of 1.9cents a min to the likes of Australia and Scotland. If the system works well and the reception is ok I'll invest in a second phone.

It was pouring rain this morning and looked like it was on for the day so I donned my wet weather gear and went paddling with the dogs, I got home and it promptly stopped raining and the sun is out now, typical.

These two dont seem to care as long as they get out.

Small fiery pieces of what was once a climate-monitoring satellite will hurtle towards the Earth's surface this Friday.
The space agency predicts that the debris from the 20-year-old Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) has a 1-in-3,200 chance of hitting a person, a scenario they consider "extremely remote". It is mostly likely the expensive shards will plummet into the sea, NASA said.
Sadly, if you do manage to catch a chunk of satellite, the US government expressly forbids you from selling it on eBay. The smouldering lump will remain the property of the United States and must be turned over to local police. I thought I heard someone after the pub the other night yell out "UARS dont drop your cigarette stub on the ground" it wasnt to me of course.

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