Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows 7

Well its very pretty and people that have jumped from win xp to seven I think will appreciate the prettyness. If you have paid A$199 to upgrade from vista you will fistly notice how similar it is to vista, then the features that are missing like email, I liked windows mail in vista. Then you might notice that control panel only has 8 headings vista had too many to count and it was difficult to find anything. I jumped my laptop from xp pro to win 7 home premium, which was actually a clean install as you cant upgrade from xp, thankfully you can use the microsoft  easy transfer tool to transfer your documents and settings from xp and its an easy install. The full windows 7 home premium costs $299 and profesional is $449, a lot of money for a glorified vista service pack ? or is it a revolutionary new operating system? I need to do a lot more digging before I can say. Anyway I needed to buy the system so I can learn it and give tuition / fixup windows 7 down the track.
Ok on to more exciting stuff, One of the pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight carrying 144 passengers that missed its destination of Minneapolis by 240 kilometres has denied he and the captain fell asleep at the controls.

First officer Richard Cole also denied they had an argument causing them to fly into the neighbouring state of Wisconsin before they turned around.
Air traffic controllers tried for more than an hour to contact the pilots.
Both were repeatedly called on their mobile phones and sent text messages but not until they were 240 kilometres past their destination did they respond. Mr Cole would not say just what it was that led to them to forget to land but insisted they were not asleep or arguing. The pilots have told authorities they were having a discussion. leep Probably discussing windows7.

I'm getting into the swing of the painkillers you take enought to send you to sleep till the effects wear off then take more. Ohh and if you dont know if your asleep or not take more.

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