Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ok I can't keep my nose out of this one, The Smacking Debate,a referendum on the smacking of children has just been held in New Zealand - and 88 per cent of Kiwis who took part voted to re-legalise it. Two years ago, the Labor Government made it illegal for parents to smack their children as a form of discipline and the law generated emotional debate. I think Jessica Watson ( the single hand teenage sailor) and her parents should be smacked, I think the silly sod that came up with the idea that kids don't need discipline, should be smacked and gagged, and the lady at my poker tournament yesterday who wouldn't let me play with my iphone poker game should be smacked, sorry I mean sacked, what an attitude she had, spoilt my whole day.

Theres a scout jamboree in the park this weekend, if any of them misbehave I think they should be smacked and that includes Akela. 

A Victorian woman has been questioned by police and threatened to be charged with assault after hitting her 9-year-old daughter with a wooden spoon. Claire Davidson was warned by police that she risked an assault-with-a-weapon charge after her child revealed in a classroom discussion that her mother hit her with the spoon "We only use the wooden spoon and that is only when she is being naughty and we give her fair chance to rectify the situation and we talk her through it," She said her daughters gets three warnings and, then, "it is spoon time." Her nine year old is apparently going to be bad again so her mum gets the jail then she is heading off round the wolrd in a bath tub sponsered by Apple and Pedigree dog food.
Jessica is surrounded by security cameras and newspaper folks this morning as she gets ready to set sail, good luck to her, but I really think she should have done some long haul sailing before heading out on this venture.

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