Saturday, June 2, 2012

Septic tank replaced

Well they got torn into replacing the septic tank today, the new one is installed and old one partially dismantled, there is an eighteen foot square sand and gravel filter to be constructed as a soak away / percolation area so the machine was flattening out an area for that. A couple of trees had to come down and a road was made so a dump truck can get in. I will buy a load of gravel to surface it and leave the road there as it will be handy access to the shed.

We all went sailing today and stopped to have a fish for half an hour caught 2 nice ones and they did for dinner, was a Bonny day with only a gentle breeze, came home for 1400 as the window company came to measure up. Replacing 11 windows, 2 patio French doors and a double front door, with double glazed uPVC light oak, wood effect ones.

 Next job after that is getting insulation installed in the cavity,s and ceiling. I shall take some photos of the progress tomorrow.

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