Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry for the lack of blogs

Well my friend Mary Lou from Ohio emailed wondering if I was ok due to the abcsense of blogs recently. I am fine but have been busy with the garden, house and websites, and haven't had a lot of news really. The septic tank and percolation dramas continue, the last I heard was the surveyor isn't happy with the level ness of the percolation area and won't issue the certificate so the plumber will have to return once more to the fold. It's a pain as I replanted my spuds some carrots, beet root, and brocolli on it and they are going well. The house has 9 ft ceilings which are lovely apart from when you have to strip wallpaper which I have been doing recently, the kitchen and living room have been done or nearly anyway, the bits above cabinets in the kitchen still need stripped along 2walls but I think I,ll wait untill I strip out the kitchen untill I do them. The granite on the fireplace is going to be removed leaving a sort of inglenook about four and a half foot square, we haven't chosen a multi burner stove yet but have two in mind.It will fit half in half out. It is connected to a big stainless tank that stores the heat so the rads can have heat even when the fire is off. The water tanks in the loft are being scrapped and a large tank put in the wee shed type room at the end of the house along with a pressure pump which is good as it won't be heard inside when it is running. I,ll also put gas bottles in there for a gas hob. 11 radiators are to be installed throughout the house with the pipe work in the loft rather than digging up the floors. Windows and doors getting replaced in the next two weeks or months as this is Ireland lol. The kitchen ceiling is getting done as well as a door sealed up, an an archway installed and the wall in the shower room between the toilet and shower removed to make it one larger room. I,ll remove the existing kitchen and repair walls / paint and it is getting a new kitchen, also the floors in the lounge, dinning/ kitchen and hallway are getting light American oak boards. We were hoping to put underfloor heating and tiles in our on suite rip out the bath and install a shower but may have to wait a while if the funds run out. Sheana and Sacha are coming for a couple of weeks from the 7 th July and my pal Mark and his mate stayed the other night before they left the country, I shall miss Mark as I have no friends here, everyone in Ireland hates me and I may go eat worms, ok that was an exaggeration but I haven't any close buddies here yet really. Had a good crop of broccoli i but caterpillars have appeared and damaged some of the remaining plants so I ripped them out today and replaced with lettus, my zucchini are looking good too and we will start harvesting them soon. Lettus coming out our ears so I was looking for a soup recipie for using it up. I have been out fishing and sailing a few times and hopefully when Sheana Is here will get out heaps, Angie is taking a couple of weeks off and it would be great to stay out on the Aran islands overnight on the boat.

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