Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big day

Well I got 24 ton of gravel delivered today, so my new drive to the shed plus the widened main drive all got covered with it. The grass got cut as well so I,m ever so slightly buggered this evening, I wanted to get the lawns done as its meant to rain tomorrow. Lady H is coming to inspect what she got for her money tommorow so no doubt I shall have to pay the final installment over very soon and the house will be free of any incumberances. I,m chuffed with my 6 acres, nice 4 bed bungalow and brand new septic tank so I am. Hey Scotland beat the Wallabies in Ozzie for first time since 1982 whoo hoo and that the last 2 encounters that have gone our way, thanks to some dreadful weather. Big weekend this one coming for rugby with Ireland vs NZ, England vs s africa Argentina vs Italy and Wales vs Australia ? Shame I don't have sky sports.

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