Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turbulent flight

Well I made it  :), actually i dont think / cant find any instance of a modern jet airliner crashing due to turbulence but sheeeze its uncomfortable. The whole flight wasnt great, we were an hour late taking off, after boarding they found a prob with navigation instruments so we sat on the runway with no aircon which wasnt real nice for a start, the inflight movies/ entertainment played up so it was offline for a fair while then we hit bad turbulence which had a few people crying out for their respective saviors and others praying to GAWD in a sickbag, the girl next to me didnt bother just puked all over the back of the seat. Food service was suspended for so long it wasnt worth putting it out so they issued sandwiches instead of one meal.

Anyway I'm safe and sound in London till Monday when  I shall fly to Glasgow and see my Mommy and the Old man I wish I was taking the train lol, anyway I hope my horrid flight will dissapear with my memory soon.One thing is for sure I shall ask for extra sick bags if it looks atall bumpy or the person next to me is even looking greenish.

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