Friday, July 9, 2010

Charity the Bear

I'm never sure how many people read my blog but I 'm doing a wee charity thingie with a bear and  thought I'd explain it in here and maybe you all will get involved, the plan is to send Charity the bear all over the world taking her photo in the various places she gets sent, after a year of traveling she should be the worlds most traveled bear and she will be auctioned with the proceeds going to charity. The website will have photos from all her stops around the world and the best photo will win a prize, the winner will be selected by an email poll and the prize will be a blue nick on paltalk (chat program subscription) or the equivelant cash (approx $40)

To get involved send me your name and address to and your name is put in a hat, when the bear reaches her next destination a name is pulled out as the next place to go, if its you, when the bear arrives you take her photo at a local landmark send the photo to me on the hotmail addy and then i'll tell you where to send the bear. I add your photo to the gallery of photos on the website and so on.

You can suggest a charity to recieve from the bear proceeds on the website and there will be a bearometer clocking up the approximate miles she travels. I hope the bear will be a huge hit and make a fortune for charity but even if she doesnt we should see some nice photos from around the world and someone will end up with a cuddly toy and a subscription to paltalk or some cash.

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