Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well I woke up sore bit like an athelete or racehorse that pulls up sore only I'd been sleeping not racing, my elbow ached my achilies tendons ached and I pulled a muscle in my lower back bending down to pick up the dogs bowl so it ached and a mozzie had bitten me on the forehead twice and on my pinkie. Basically I needed someone to whinge to but noone was there so I debated kicking the dog but my achiles tendons hurts so that was out, kidding I wouldnt kick the dog, but you get my drift.

Anyway I went out shopping, stopping off to pick up a real coffee and do the lotto on the way, the lotto hadnt paid out but I thought to myself , hey at least you can afford to enter it and buy a nice coffee there are plenty people in the world that couldnt, then i went to the supermarket and there was one poor soul there with no legs and another obviously mentally handicapped child and I got to thinking, Rob your ankles hurt a wee bit think yourself lucky you have ankles, if you had been born 40 yrs ago the defibrulator hadnt been invented so youd have died and replacement elbow is also a newish medical item so probably even if you had lived your arm would have been useless instead of a wee bit sore. So when I feel sore I shall take a virtual step back and think of the poor sould out there heaps worse off.

And hey the lotto may come in :)

I've been a bit bored after selling SHIRE PC AID and selling the house I havent had much to keep me amused. I have however done three websites in the last three weeks  and are online and a wedding car rental site is nearly finished. When I get to Ireland I think website design should be high on my list of prospective income. With the economy in such a mess in Ireland and the EU its hard to know whats best to do. The Australian dollar is really high against the Euro so its a good time to change money, I got a good price for the house here and the Irish housing market is really low, I'm not sure if it will go lower still but if it does I think there shant be much more to drop. The Irish government bailed out the banks there to such an extent that they cant afford to pay back the funds, the EU will eventually bail the country out but Ireland will owe so much there will be no alternative but to raise Tax and cut benifits, as soon as company tax goes up more companies will go offshore leading to more unemployment, not a good outlook ehh. However things go in cycles and I'm sure Ireland will pull together and ride out the hard times.

Its less than 4 weeks now till I leave Australia.

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