Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ishan mans best friend

Well we had to put Ishan down today due to ill health :( so this wee blog is in his memory. We had him for about 10 yrs and he live till he was 15. When we took him home he was scared stiff of people especially kids and he didnt really take to toddlers all the way through his life. I think he had maybe bitten a kid at his previous home and been beaten up and taken to the pound. Anyway he turned out to be a very special dog, great with other animals, full of bluster at the gate, and yet really affectionate in his own way.
I have known other owners that kept their dogs longer than they should have and the dogs suffered we decided not to do that with Ishan when the vet told us that he was on the downhill slope.
Anyway here are a few pics of one of mans best friends ISHAN

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