Monday, July 27, 2009

elephant drawers and hats

Angie has this thing about her drawers being on display on the washing line and they have to be hung behind other things and out of sight, I think its a silly phobia so to help her with it today I took all the washing in apart from her drawers which I left hanging there in full view in all their glory, she will never know right enough as I took them in and folded them neatly before she got home, theres only so brave I can handle in one step.
I got a hat in a paltalk chat room "whats a hat?" I hear you ask, well it means I'm in charge and have to make sure that people behave and obey the room rules. Why? and How? well I was asked if I'd do it and since I like the people that frequent the room and have been chatting with them for a while now I said ok. How? well the room is in a program called paltalk and its called "60's 70's and 80's music " people pop in play a tune or say hi on the mic, its g rated which means no swearing etc and is a nice way to meet folks and hear their music. I often listen in while I'm in the office.
I saw a cartoon of winny the poo and piglet walking along holding hands as they do, piglet says " I love you Winny" Winny thinks if he sneezes I'm blinkin out of here.
What else is new Rob?, well my pal Paddy got the ok from his specialist to resume fishing and drinking beer so thats good and I have a biopsy and ultrasound on my thiroid tommorow, which i hope they sort out as I'm tired a lot of the time and have put on weight.

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