Monday, July 27, 2009

chairs and disapointing programs

Sometimes a program can get huge raps and get me all excited a bit like windows 7 the new operating system from microsoft, I'm thinking of installing it on my vista machine, anyway I heard on the news about "wolfram alpha" and how it will take over from google, well I've done my test on it and to be honest, unless your a mathemetician living in Delaware its about as much use as a bailing bucket on the QE2. Ok so its in its infancy and its all about user input, well why will people input the information if theres nothing in the way of a return for them, traditionally websites, and therfore the content for google searches, either sell something ie or are a way of meeting, or keeping in touch with others like this blog. I cant see the millions of people that would be required to input Correct data into this program.
OK, chairs, I was sitting back, feet on my desk the other day and my office chair broke and uncerimoniously dumped me on my bottom on the floor, it was a high backed comfy executive type chair which has provide many hours of reclined feet on desk support and I miss it soooo much I have won another similar one on ebay and need to pick it up later today.

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