Sunday, December 7, 2014

Splitting maul

I got myself a splitting maul today from a stall at Maam Cross pony sales, and a jockey wheel for the trailer. What a difference there is chopping firewood with the maul instead of an axe, up to now I have been using an axe, for those of you unsure what the difference is

The top one is a maul. What a difference there is using the correct tool for the job, the maul doesn't get stuck in the logs like the axe does and it is heavier so there is less grunt required to shatter the wood, i wish I had invested in one this time last year.

My helper Clement is away into Galway tonight, ohh to be young again lol, I will probably watch some Danish detective movie and be in bed before ten, sober as a judge.

The front lawn has a Christmas tree with lights that do their thing for six hours then turn themselves off for 18 hrs, actually there are two trees outside bedecked with lights if you count a holly bush as a tree. It looks very festive as I have put Santa hats on some of my carvings too lol, I,m just a big kid at heart.

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