Monday, December 15, 2014

disaster with a hot chocolate

I was home alone last night, Angie was in Inverness and my helper was in Galway dressed up as Santa doing the rounds of every pub that sold Guiness I think, anyway I was sitting in the dark watching the x factor finals (music competition) and decided to have a hot chocolate, it was the last one and I was making it in the semi dark, I thought, thats weird, as I topped the mug up with milk usually the milk carton has a blue top not an orange one. I had put fresh orange juice on the last spoonful of hot chocolate lol.

Clement was going to leave on Thursday but said on the way back he might go a day earlier to buy Christmas presents, since the weather looks bad for Tuesday and Wednesday I said maybe he might go on Tuesday and have a couple of days before he goes back to France, It has been good having him help me but I dont have any indoor work left.

Check out this guys photos some of the Mongolia ones are great and the zoo ones really show how fed up the animals are

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