Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pine cones, holly and a bit of creativity

Used some pine cones and holly from the garden to make a couple of festive decorations today.

Angie got the basket as a hamper full of goodies from her work.

Sewing basket put to a different use.

I got a hamper with 12 bottles of wine from a customer as well so we have lots of wine in now.
John is coming up next Tuesday, hopefully for a couple of weeks, it will be good to see what he thinks of all the work that has been done since he was here last, Angie took a walk round with me this morning and she was impressed.
George and Gail were heading through the Dennison canal today towards Hobart, I think I would have sailed round the Lanterns and Tasman Ireland instead, taking in the scenery round one of the roughest parts of coast imaginable especially since the weather is being so good to them but hey I didn't spend the last week or two rolling around and Googling for the best bays to anchor in is a bit different to actually being there lol. Fortescue bay looked amazing right enough.

At 300 meters, the columnar dolerite cliffs at Cape Pillar and Tasman Island are among the highest in the world. Dolerite is a rare rock type on mainland Australia. With good weather and low swell it would have been possible to get close and an easy view from the ocean, Cathedral Rock, Totem Pole, Candlestick, and Tasmans Arch and the Tasman Lighthouse, it was one of the most isolated lighthouses in Australia. It was built in 1906, automated in 1976 and demanned in 1977. I have a thing about Lighthouses, I used to chat with some of the keepers in Scottish Lighthouses I would be sailing past in the puffer before they unmanned them all, on a bad night it was great to talk to someone ashore.

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