Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bastard Trumpeter

No I dont have a crazed Pikie playing a bugle outside my bedroom window I was just chatting to George my bro in law who has arrived in WineGlass bay in Tasmania and mentioned a fish they have there which is prized table fodder called the Bastard Trumpeter. It came up in conversation as he was thinking of having a bit of a fish over the stern and I said he should target this species. Imagine in a restaurant, asking the waiter "Do you have Bastard Trumpeter"  and getting the reply "No we only have F$$%%ing Snapper" giggling here Gawd I,m easy amused ehh.

The Bastard Himself
The bay they are anchored in is one of the top ten beaches in the World, when I read this I wondered if the person making up the list had visited the beaches on the West side of Tiree and Harris before making up the short list, probably not but hey the bay there does look stunning with the mountains to the North and not a house in sight, rather jealous here. I have taken on a new job, Chief Weather and Location Analyst for the SV Southern Belle, looks like Google maps is the closest I will get to Tassy this year.

My Helper Clement heads off today, he was a great hand in the garden and welcome back anytime. I shall miss the company but think I will do without assistance now until March at the earliest. Talking about helpers George has a crewman with him and his wife, for this leg of the journey, he is Leona,s boyfriend Bruce, Leona visited here soon after we bought the place and named the garden pond "Lake Maquire" she would notice some difference with the place now.  Lake Maquire even has a croc.

We spent an hour or two yesterday morning raking all the sawdust, pine cones and branches etc off the area near my compost bins and I aim to get a big bag of wildflower seeds and spread them so that area can be like a wildflower meadow and only get cut once a year. I shall have to check what time of the year is best to spread the seed and imagine I shall have to go round with the fork to make holes for the seeds first. No doubt the birds will be following me too. Its 0830 here and still not daylight yet, roll on Springtime.

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