Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A shower of rain

Well I was chuffed today, I had a tree that was leaning and weighted in the complete wrong side to where I wanted it to land but I managed to drop it perfectly in my flat cleared area. I used a Spanish windlass a crowbar and some wedges. Brains over brawn wins again. My plan with the area is to use some logs to make raised beds for my spuds next year, plant fruit trees and hopefully get a poly tunnel. I can move my existing raised beds to inside the polytunnel. The fruit trees will take a number of years to mature but it will be nice to have an orchard.

We had a shower of rain this afternoon and it is overcast this evening but the forecast is good again tomorrow. With this dry summer a lot of my timber has dried so I should cover the piles with tarps before the monsoon.

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Di said...

Loved this. For some reason, unknown to me, I thought 'Rob would make a great pirate!' Probably related to the 'Spanish windlass' info :-)