Wednesday, September 17, 2014

spring bulbs

Well I planted over half of my spring bulbs this morning snowdrops, crocus and muscari.

The were over 200 bulbs in total and are in an area about 20 ft square, a border I made by cutting back some old bushes to the stumps, they should come back next season too but may not flower until the next year. Hopefully there will be a nice dash of colour January through May.

No sign of Mr Ceady and his 10 ton excavator to rip out my stumps, he was definitely going to be here before last weekend, lol bliddy Ireland. It would be good if he came before it rains as it has been dry and sunny all month and the ground has dried out a lot. 

Got half my grass done yesterday and will hopefully get the rest done today, another one cut will probably do this year, its a chore. I cleaned out the drains round the "not so secret garden" filled the low spots with rocks and put gravel down the length so hopefully the water wont lie in places but run off as it should. Have three trees partially chopped, they are in lengths of about 2 meters, I started cutting them into fire log sizes and chopping the ones that need it with the axe and stacking them all to dry out, there are another five or six to come down but I am waiting till the Ceady excavator clears the area first then I will have a nice flat area to work on, will burn the smaller branches as I go along with and roots that are left. The area after it is cleared I am going to sow with wild flower mix and leave to do its thing all season and maybe cut it when the flowers die off.

Today isnt a very great painting day, muggy and humid so the three benches that have been undercoated will have to wait for their fancy colours, did one yesterday yellow and blue. They will look quite good around the place, splash of colour again between the trees. 

Ohh well better get back to it, be safe and well.

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