Thursday, October 2, 2014

On the set of Klondike

I had to pop across to Oughterard to pick up a laptop needing repairs this afternoon and killed three birds with the one stone, dogs got a swim in Loch Corrib, did my shopping at Londis in Oughterard and visited my pal Keith. Keith has a farm and mines near Oughterard and they are currently filming a mini series called Klondike. The series is set against the backdrop of the Alaskan Gold Rush of the 1890’s and tells the story of the Connollys; three emigrant Irish brothers from Rosmuc, Galway, who make their way to the Klondike Valley in the hope of striking it rich.

They were filming down near a  wee river on his property when I was there but I took shots of the town they have fabricated for the movie as well as a couple of the actors.

I met the director DathaĆ­ Keane who hails from Tiree so we had a nice chat about the pub at Scarnish when I told him I had had cargo on the puffer to the wee pier just outside it.
Scarnish bay is very exposed with a nasty wee breaking reef just outside so it was a settled weather job beaching there, gone are those days.


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