Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mr Ceady

Well Mr Ceady came after all and did a grand job of removing the stumps for me, now I have a nice flat area to drop the remaining trees into and with a bit of a rake and wildflower seeds it should be bonny. To give an idea how it has changed so far I will put a couple of pics of the wind blown trees that were there and the area now it has been cleared.

 The photos above were taken last January.

I am going to fell the softwood trees to the right of my shed and the three or four in the top shot when the wind is in the right direction, at least now I have level ground to work on. The tree nearest the shed may have to come down in bits as it has a lean and a lot of weight wanting to make it drop over the shed.

One of the other jobs I did this last week was clean out the drain along the not so secret garden and I have put gravel in the bottom of it to try and get the level correct so the water runs off.

There has been no rain now for four weeks and I am glad he came before the rains start as when they do they probably wont stop till next April.

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