Wednesday, March 19, 2014

turning into a hermit

Well I did not bother going out yesterday which makes me think I am turning into a bit of a hermit in my old age, quite happy to watch "The Voice" on TV and fall asleep spreadeagled on the couch rather than fight the masses to get a Guiness that someone has died green. Mind you  I have no hangover this morning and some wood got chopped yesterday too so maybe there is something to be said about hermitting.

My Dad and Bro in Law John are in hospital this week Dad is getting a new knee and John is having stem cell treatment so my thoughts are with them. I would have liked to go over to Scotland for moral support for my Ma again but it has not worked out this time unfortunately. My next big excursion is to a protest March in Dublin on the 15th of April against the Governments plans to cover the country with turbines and pylons.

I never mentioned the rugby in my last blog as Scotland were worse than woeful agin Wales but I must say that Ireland stuck to their guns and are worthy winners of the competition, well done.

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