Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mama Mia

Getting dragged out to go to Mamma Mia in Gaelige performed by a local school tonight cant wait. To hear it in Irish

Dad went through his knee operation fine and John is also recovering after having stem cells removed and I think he gets to go home today. Mum is staying with Aunty Margaret in Glasgow till Tuesday so they can visit in the hospital.

I have been doing all the exercises my physio gave me to do this time, last week I was so tired logging timber I missed a few walks and tip toe balancing sessions, sounds like a ballerina workout ehh. One of the hardest things is standing on the injured side leg only with eyes closed, mind you I cant remember if I could ever do that even before the accident lol I know that after a few ales I have trouble standing on two feet. This week I have graduated to doing tip toe with heals over the edge of a step and a bent leg stretch thing that is too hard to explain in text. She was not happy with the way I am walking and I have to concentrate more on pushing off the toe as I walk, still gets sore after 10 mins on the road.

Eircom have gone missing again so still no movement with the telephone line, maybe next week or month.

I had the engine running on the boat yesterday, she started first kick and I shall have to get her cleaned up as it is only a week or so until I can put her back in the water. It is easier to power wash her and give her a scrub up here at the house although the marina does have electricity and water. I'm not going to anti foul her this year as there seems plenty left and there was no growth to speak of when I took her out. I can always put her on a beach and give her a scrub later in the season if it is required.

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