Saturday, March 15, 2014

Storm damage cleanup

Well it has taken me about a month to cut up all the trees that came down at the front of the house, I just worked away steady at it doing as much as my foot would let me before it started aching too much and eventually I,m nearly there. The stumps that are left are going to get cut lower by a bloke who is coming to take down some more trees for me in a few weeks time. I aim to make carvings out of two of the stumps one looks like it might make a good tortoise and the other an owl.

After the stumps get cut I shall ask my pal Keith for another couple of loads of soil and level the ground out a bit and maybe put a hedge up along the front wall line. In the bottom picture the trees behind the electric pole are some of the ones going.
I had a couple of bonfires the last two days to get rid of branches and am finished now for the day, my friend Ron from Cavan is coming over to watch the rugby with me this afternoon and have dinner tonight, he may stay over and I think we will go out in his boat tomorrow for a bit of a jaunt. It will be nice to have a day off lumberjacking and Monday is St Patricks day so that might be written off too. Next week I will have to start hacking my way into the next part of the garden and maybe try getting the half a tree out of my pond lol. I'm thinking of making a wee island in the middle of it sort of Japanese Yen style with a bridge, I certainly have enough timber to do it.

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