Monday, December 23, 2013

The Pikie Santa and an IQ of 122

Well I braved the elements and did my Christmas grocery shopping this afternoon, I timed it perfectly to arrive the same time as the Pikie Santa and his 26 elves at the supermarket, just what one needs. I was offered to have my photo taken with the Pikie Santa to "update my facebook profile picture" I thought to myself "what the heck would I want to have a picture of an inebriated traveler in a red hat on my facebook profile for" and pleasantly declined saying I knew nothing about computers, being on the tender side of 50 this was taken with a knowledgeable look from one of the older elves who was hanging around the sherry. On the way home I made another list of things I had forgotten to put on the second list, the first list I lost when I went Christmas grocery shopping yesterday.

I did an IQ test yesterday and am going around telling anyone who will listen, that my score of 122 is in the top 6.5 percentile and I therefore have a superior IQ :) Angela is scared to take the test as she will never live it down if mine is higher, she has already stated that "the IQ test is only one of many methods of measuring intelligence and no stead is lent to it nowadays"  of course is she scores more than 122 it will mysteriously be the top method again.

Tomorrow has a forecast of SW gales again and 100% chance of rain "woopeedoo", I'm going to try and get seaweed off the beach for my spud patch in the next few days so yet another SW gale should see plenty weed at the top of the beach. Alan is flying down to Knock airport, arriving at three o'clock tomorrow so Angie is going to work in the morning and driving up there to pick him up, this is easier than trying to get Alan to catch public transport to Galway as he tends to have a dram and go missing, last year he caught a train to somewhere in county Wicklow and I ended up going to the movies. He wasn't at the station at 6pm and eventually arrived at 10 pm lol.

Anyway I'm chuffed that I am soooo intelligent and sorry to the 93.5% of you thickos who will just have to find another method of measuring IQ, ohh did I mention I have a high IQ?

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