Thursday, December 19, 2013

My love of the Puffin

No I'm not talking about cannabis my love is for the wee bird, the puffin. My first attempt at replicating one was for my O level in Art a longgggggggggg time ago when I made a sculpture of one. It still exists as a door stop. Anyway I did the sketch below from a photo I found online, I was attracted to the amount of fish he was holding in his beak and they always look sort of cheeky as if to say "hahahah look at how many fish I got and I wasnt even trying"

No trees came down last night in the gales and our electricity stayed on after all but there were a lot of branches around the place this morning, I tried clearing leaves out of the culverts and the water was freezing I was up to my oxters trying to fish them out.

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