Monday, December 30, 2013

A night in hospital and a full leg cast

Well they kept me in hospital last night and I got my leg put in a cast this morning, the Achilles tendon is torn and may need surgery, they will have a look at progress in 7 - 10 days and decide then. I have a nice shinny zimmer frame to get around on lol. My 12 fallen trees will just have to wait a couple of months to be logged.

We went to the Galway Clinic yesterday thinking that my health insurance would cover the injury but they wanted close on £500 that was not claimable so that was knocked on the head and I joined the Que in the public hospital, it was quite quiet when I arrived and it didn't take too long before I was in the A&E proper. All the Orthopedic staff were in the operating theater and it took them about 5 hours before they got round to me and another 6 before I eventually got a bed on a ward, anyway I was kept amused listening to some of the other characters that were admitted and were getting examined the other side of a curtain from were I was. There was a Pikie couple with a wee girl who had a sore leg, Mrs P knew better than the nurse when it came to her kids temperature (She had 5 bairns and she "knew "when they had temperatures) Mr P knew better than the Dr when it came to administering massage to a limb with trauma as he was an ex boxer. I think he had had a few too many head blows, anyway after they left there were a couple and another girl who had been in a blue and had Gaurda waiting to arrest them outside, they were seperated for inspection incase they got into it again.

I was not allowed anything by mouth until the Surgeon saw me at about 4pm then they told me I would get dinner on the ward when I was moved up there but it turned out to be after 10 pm before then and all they had was toast lol then I was back on nill by mouth from midnight till the chief surgeon bloke saw me at about half nine by when I had missed breakfast lol so I didnt get to sample the delights of hospital food.

If the tendon has shown signs of re knitting itself in a week then it will go back in plaster for a total of 7 weeks. If not they will operate and cut it and stitch it back together, meantime no driving or chopping up firewood for me I,m afraid.

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Di said...

Oh Rob! What rotten news. I hope it heals fast and that you get a good feed soon.