Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Test video

A new customer of mine has a video they would like included on their website so I have been fooling around with a couple of programs to see what is possible. This one is just still shots of flowing plants I had in the garden this year. I tried uploading it to FaceBook but they wouldn't publish it because of the sound clip and copyright, what a load of twaddle you go out and buy a cd and then aren't allowed to use the music. No wonder people are into pirating tracks. Rolling Stones tickets in the O2 last year cost up to £950, for an average 2 hour concert that is pretty good money when you times it by 40,000 people.

My brother in Law John, (my gardener brother) is in hospital so my thoughts are with him, it has been a pretty crook year this one for friends and family being unwell so everyone out there who has been down with illness I hope you all are better soon.

Today looks dry and bright again before the rain comes in on Wednesday for the next few days so I shall try and get some whipper snipping done while the going is good, the next few wet days I think I shall try and do some ceiling painting. 

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