Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bush fires

The Blue Mountains and Hunter valley are alight with 79 fires burning across the state, 29 uncontained. This would be a severe headline even after a dry summer but to have as many this early in the fire season is extreme. Bushfires are a part of life down under and a naturally occurring event in fact a lot of Aussie plants and trees need burning to germinate. With more and more spread of new homes in cities like Sydney, there is nowhere left to build apart from bush land and these are the homes most threatened. I helped build a house in Winmalee in the blue mountains, beautiful setting amongst the gum trees with the upstairs balcony level with the tree canopy, I wonder if it is still standing this morning.

Having a garden like mine in Australia would be a huge fire hazard and it would also be a haven for all the blinkin snakes and spiders, tics, bull ants and centipedes. I know that a lot of my Aussie friends will poo poo this, actually they will have another phrase, but in my experience over there I came across all these in my wee gardens. I suppose having lived over there I am now more careful when I am burning garden waste here so that's one thing. I am really slack keeping in touch and must call my Goddaughters  and some pals I haven't been in touch with for ages like Stinger my Aboriginal deckhand he also lives in an area prone to bush fires near Jervis bay.

Hope to get out and do some gardening here today as the last couple of days have been dreich.

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