Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Well my Spanish Helper got a job in London or I overworked him, anyway he left on Saturday and he was a nice lad so it was a good first experience with Helpx. My next helper is French and I will get him to come for a week or so. Today is rainy so I'm cleaning out wardrobes, each bedroom here has built ins and of course the first thing I did after moving in was fill them all up and not being a very neat sort of person filling them up wasn't organized.

My chimney got a sweep yesterday so we enjoyed really hot water last night and this morning, there is nothing worse than a luke warm shower, actually there is, being bitten by a large spider or poked in the eye with a blunt stick, would be worse, but anyway you get my jist. There was a hidden compartment inside the firebox that was really clogged up which was why it was leaking smoke into the room, now that I know about it I will be able to clean it out periodically. The flue for the stove is quite narrow too so it probably needs cleaning more than an open fire with a big chimney would, anyway its done. The guy gave me a price for cleaning the roof tiles too so if we have any cash next March I will think about getting them done as they have a lot of moss on them.

I,m saving up for a polytunnel, not very successfully right enough as the Subaru is in the garage with an oil leak, typical ehh it must not have heard I was saving for a tunnel. The one I am looking at is on ebay you can check it out by clicking on the link text. It will fit on top of the percolation area and I was thinking of erecting the skeleton of it and rebuilding my raised beds inside the frame then covering it after the worst of the winter has passed, will be a good job if I have a helper. I made a cold frame a few weeks ago with one of the old patio doors some wood and a couple of pulleys that were spare on the yacht, I am still left with 3 big patio doors that I would like to make into a small greenhouse so that is another plan. I chopped down a tree yesterday and have got some good long straight poles from it that might help. 

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