Sunday, October 19, 2014

Huricaine Gonzalo on its way.

John (my brother in Law) has been up visiting since Wednesday and we have been busy transplanting bushes and thinning out plants round the house. The wall at the front now has flowering currant, Euonymus, Pointintilla and Gravillia and we build a couple of raised beds which now have Agapanthus Daisy and Pink Ladies that we thinned out. It will be interesting to see if they survive the remnants of Huricaine Gonzalo which is currently making its way across the Atlantic tracking slightly North of us towards my Mum and Dads house. Its the first storm of the winter and they are forecasting snow on the Scottish mountains. 

I got a call to ask if it was ok if Lorne his Mrs, Vicky,  and wee boy Joey came with Sheana and Sacha on Monday so I shall have a house full, eight staying from Monday night. If its not too windy we might try and put the roof on my wood drying area, many hands make lighter work. I have one wall left to paint in the office today and its a good day for it being wet and windy out.

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