Saturday, October 4, 2014

1st gale of the season and a call from Ozz

Well we had the first gale of the season last night, it wasn't strong enough to uproot trees or anything but it did break my prize sunflower in half much to my disappointment, the sunflower was 6 ft tall and had 12 flower heads on it the biggest was the size of a plate. All the Rowan trees lost their leaves and the outdoor table got blown over, the homemade furniture didn't budge but it weighs half a ton so that did not surprise me.
Had a day off from lumber jacking today as my neck and shoulders were sore, all that chopping with the axe probably, anyway the heat pack is helping so it's just muscular.
My friend Mark from Australia gave me a call and we chatted for a good half hour, real friends are the ones you might not talk to for long enough but when you do it's the same as if you were never apart, Paddy is the same when we get to talk.
There was a bit of rain overnight but the drains are still dry, the ground just soaked it all up.

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