Sunday, June 8, 2014

There is a storm coming in

Well its a bit like the end of the Terminator movie here just now, rolling thunder and clouds building in the distance. You can see in a couple of the photos below how dark it looks in the distance.

There isnt as much colour around as there was when all the Roddies were in full bloom but still some nice flowers on the go and roses are starting to bloom.

In the way of projects I have started a donkey bust and the googly eyes arrived and look good on the sheep pine cones.

Booked the Stena ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast for my Mom and Dad and neice Cara and nephew Robbie who are coming for a visit in July, also booked accommodation in Carrickfergus at the marina where I used to load coal on the puffer. It has all changed now and is a yacht haven instead of working port. I will drive up and stay the night with them before driving back the next day. Looking forward to having visitors :) I hope the weather is good for their stay as there is a tent here that has never seen daylight and my boat and fishing rods need a workout.

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