Thursday, June 19, 2014

Millions to one

Calm ish overcast 18 degree day today and the midgies are loving it, I decided to cut some grass as the temp was down a bit but sheeeze the midgies are awful have been bitten that much on the eyelids it feels like the eyes are going to close. No more grass cutting till the breeze comes up a bit for me.

You probably don't hear much news from Ireland so here is how it is going here, 23% of Irish households are jobless, above the European average of 11%, the opposition Justice minister wrote to a judge on behalf of a drug dealer, (this doesn't surprise me as the politicians here are more bent than bananas) It was only 27 degrees yesterday according to the Met office so it wasn't the hottest day this year and a guy gets 3 years in jail for dumping his dead friends body in a ditch, and they say this is the developed world!!!

Its getting closer to my visitors arriving and I am looking forward to that, planning to head off now on Saturday morning sometime for a couple of days sailing and should be back on Sunday night.

Australia played well in the world cup and I think they were really unlucky to have lost both their games, Spain were the opposite and Brazil haven't really shone either, at the moment I think Germany are the strongest team but hey its football and all the teams are good to have made it to the tournament, its quite nice to have a competition that is so hard to predict results.

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