Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amber Warning Amber Warning !!!!

Well this mornings forecast on TV had an "Amber Warning" woohoo, the day turned out beautiful, as we speak, well as I type actually, Angie is out on a sun lounger on the patio with wee beads of sweat on her brow, it has been cloudless skies and temps well into the 20's all day. Maybe an Amber warning is for sunshine here.

I have a customer who might come tomorrow or Thursday lol worse than the Telecom folks who say ohh yes we will be there between 1300 and 1430 and arrive at 1730. I tried texting to see if he has decided which day suits him but no reply, mind you I'm not really surprised as the quote for the website design was given over 12 months ago. Anywayyyyyy.

My fishing buddy Ron is coming over on Thursday so hopefully we will get out a bit further afield than we have been so far this year as the forecast looks great for the end of the week and weekend, I was checking out the charts for good reefs along the coast to the West of us so we can maybe get some cod or ling for a change, it gets boring just catching pollack and mackerel all the time. I fancy an area called Hadley shoals a bit of Golam head which is about 7 miles from the harbour. My friends boat will do 30 knots if its calm weather. Angie is away to the UK from tomorrow until Saturday so I shant be able to go for whole day jaunts due to the dogs being shut inside but hope to get out a few times while he is here.

I rebuilt a wall today that had been knocked down by two trees falling across it earlier in the year, rebuilding Connemara walls is just a case of chucking rocks on top of one another, my pal Keith from Scotland would be horrified as he is a stone dyker by trade. Wish he would visit.


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