Friday, June 14, 2013

Wordpress security breach

My websites pages were all deleted by a hacker yesterday who managed to break in through the derrykyle blog in Word Press, anyway it cost me £25 to have the files reinstalled on the server and my passwords changed so I have decided to come back to Google and good old

When I was out at the Aran Islands the other day I said I had a pod of porpoises follow me for an hour they were actually dolphins so well done Dad for spotting that. I thought they were small for dolphins according to Wikipedia The common bottlenose dolphin is grey in color and may be between 2 and 4 m (6.6 and 13 ft) long, and weigh between 150 and 650 kg (330 and 1,400 lb).Males are generally larger and heavier than females. In most parts of the world the adult's length is between 2.5 and 3.5 m (8.2 and 11 ft) with weight ranges between 200 and 500 kg (440 and 1,100 lb). Common bottlenose dolphins live in groups called pods that typically number about 15 individuals, but group size varies from pairs of dolphins to over 100 or even occasionally over 1000 animals for short periods of time.

I'm starting to put money aside for a trip to Australia if George is going cruising South sometime, not so easy when I'm not earning anything but I keep searching under the cushions on the couch and am doing ok, at this rate I should be able to go in 2043. Today is wet and windy not at all conducive to gardening so I shall put a fire on and do wee bits around the house today and think of what other passwords I have to change. I see they are testing a new airbus today the A350XWB (extra wide body) it doesn't sound as good as the 787 Dreamliner, more like an overweight friend than a comfy place to sleep.
Submissions have to be in to Galway County Council regarding their updating of the County Development Plan which of course is very pro wind farming being formulated in 2006. So I shall put pen to paper here today.

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