Friday, June 21, 2013

Water lillies and a mass of spuds

The pond is literally covered in white and pink lillies which have to be my favorite bloom, and everything else is growing at a hundred miles an hour.

 The last two pictures are my vegies, spuds in the bottom one and peas, onions Brussels sprouts and lettuces in the wooden planters. Already harvested some veg and the potatoes haven't got long before  I shall be sifting through with my fingers looking for dinner, there is a term for that but I cant remember it and google is hopeless unless you are looking for pictures of Galway hookers when it comes up with ladies of the night outside some bar in Salthill.

I got 10 tons of topsoil of my pal Keith in return for some SEO and another 10 ton to come when I recover from spreading this lot. I'm trying to flatten out a bit of ground in front of the house so I can get the lawnmower over it. At the moment its all granite rock and tusocky grass / weeds.

Trying to talk my sister in law into coming over for a few days and Alan is coming next weekend with John for a few days so it should be good craic.

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