Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More visitors

Well this weekend Allan, Angies brother, is coming across for a week, he is an electrician so I have a listy for him to look at while he is here. Jessy keeps wandering onto the road so I'm going to get one of those wireless dog fences to try and keep her home. Also the outside lights are needing replaced and the sockets indoors have no on / off switches, I know what you are thinking but hey this is Ireland folks.

Its almost time for the bike hire to be kicking off so I cleared all the wood out of my sheds into a bigggggggg woodpile to try and clear enough space for the bikes, they are in storage in Moycoulin with the Real Estate agent, I know what you are thinking but hey this is Ireland.

Just had the sewage tank desludged, so had a peek inside, it should be called a sewage box cos that is all it is this one doesnt even have a deviding wall, anyway it was interesting to see what Ireland missed out on when the Romans visited.

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