Thursday, April 19, 2012

3.4 million grant for frilly dresses

Last year the Irish Government gave away 3.4 million Euros in grants for the needy, the money isnt for food or cookers or heating or any other numerous causes that would ease the suffering of the cash strapped applicants but its for communion and confirmation payments. I'm not a religious person and I can understand why people want the have religion in their lives and in no way am I questioning that, but in Ireland this money for the first communion and confirmation isnt for a church service, its to buy fancy suits and dresses for the kids and have a big party. Its hard to believe the country is going down the  bailout plughole and the government is still  paying this grant.

Got some news about the sewage tank problem that has me happier today so I resumed work on the garden and moved 15 barrowloads of firewood to my woodpile close to the house. I also went down and met the Harbour master at Rossaveal to see about a berth at the marina for the boat. If we can afford one of the berths alongside it would be excellent as they have water and electricity and have security access 24 hr and secure parking. They are on pontoons that travel up and down pilings so the boat is at the same hight alongside the pontoon regardless of tides. Ideal for nipping down on a nice evening for a gin and tonic and a barbi on the back deck and no problems with worrying about moorings breaking away.

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