Monday, April 23, 2012

Itsa Ma Bota

Well  I towed the yacht across from my pal Keiths farm yesterday, the brakes were stuck on when I picked her up and I had to renew the plug for the trailer lights apart from that all went well. The roads here are pretty awful for towing but I just took my time and all was fine, gawd I'm a poet. Spent today power washing her hull and cleaning, making up hawsers and ran the engine which started first kick :)

Reversing down the drive was the hardest part as there are only a couple of inches either side between the two boulders and not much more in the gateway itself.

I'm going down tomorrow to see about the marina berth and will launch the boat on Tuesday and take her round with my pal Mark hopefully. The weather looks good for Tuesday and for next weekend so I will hopefully get out for a sail. 

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