Wednesday, April 18, 2012

house drama continues

Well my experience of buying a home in Ireland deserves a small novel rather than a blog post anyway needless to say there are more dramas unfolding. Its been 6 months since we moved in and I cant do any work on the house till we own it and I'm not paying till everything is legal. Theres more cowboys here than in the wild west, and it seems that the vendor is employing most of them.

Anyway apart from that everything is well, I went out today to look at getting a mooring for the yacht for the summer but the harbour master wasnt to be found anywhere, hes probably out rounding up some cattle on his horse. Yesterday was kind of dreich but today has been a bit nicer so the dogs got a swim down at the coral beach an old bodach toddled up and was drooling over Gus so I made sure he knew that the dog has had the snip and cant produce wee Gusses anymore, he has a bash at wee Gasses right enough but thats the dog food I recon. With the house dramas I think I may put a hold on all the work I have been doing to the gardens here so I need some website work to keep me occupied
or I shall vegitate.

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