Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To blog or not to blog

To Blog or not to Blog that is the question, whether it is nobler, in the mind to keep, these ramblings of outrageous fortune or to put them in a blog. The blog has won thanks to Gail, my sister in law, who put it on me at the weekend to start writing again.

So whats new Rob? well Angie is off to Ireland 5 weeks ahead of me and 5 months ahead of Jessy who has to wait till December because of some stupid bureaucracy, she had to have a Rabies shot then a month later a blood check to see if it had worked then she has to wait 6 months? yes I'm not sure why either, considering Australia doesn't have rabies. I had a couple set up to look after Jessy for the 5 months but they have  backed out unfortunately so she may have to go to a kennel. I checked out a couple at the weekend, one called HanRob was blinking awful, I wouldn't even let a dog stay there. They have 15 mins a day "Playtime" when the dog is let out of its cage unless you pay more, more you pay more they play.  To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub.

How good is google? its brilliant, I just found this gem, Japan's space agency has applied for a Guinness World Records listing after its Hayabusa space probe returned from a seven-year journey to an ancient asteroid, Hayabusa, "falcon" in Japanese, left Earth in 2003 and returned late Sunday, completing a five-billion-kilometre (three-billion-mile) round trip to the potato-shaped Itokawa asteroid. "We are seeking its recognition as the first-ever spacecraft that landed on and returned from a celestial body other than the moon, and also for completing the longest ever (space) journey," the official said.

The World Cup may be just five days old but its unofficial soundtrack – the relentless drone of the vuvuzela – is already driving football fans across the globe to distraction, But now a sound engineer claims to have devised a hi-tech antidote to the deafening plastic trumpets, which have attracted complaints from viewers and players alike. For just £2.45, armchair fans can download a 45-minute audio clip which purports to cancel out the ear-splitting din of the traditional South African stadium horns during televised matches, sounds great but the game goes for 90 mins?

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