Thursday, June 17, 2010

Theres more to life than sun, sea and public holidays

Theres more to life than sun, sea and public holidays, or is there? We have 13 public holidays in NSW this year and it will probably be sunny on most of them, celebrating the Queens birthday with a day off is brilliant considering the amount of the population that are all for a Republic. Labour day is also a public holiday here and 10 sickies a year is par for the course, so lets call it 23 paid sunny days off a year, not bad ehh. Unless your an employer that is. Four out of five Aussies live within 50 km of the coast, lots of them have boats and in some suburbs 71% of young adults keep liveing with their parents for longer and longer, which is hardly supprising considering the average house price in Sydney  is almost $A600,000. So if your fine having Mom do your washing, borrowing your Dads BMW and his boat, having 23 days off a year in the sun Australia is the go and what more could you ask for?.
Personaly I couldnt wait to flee the nest, there were girls out there needed the gift of my gab, the rain didnt get me that down to be honest and I get sunburnt in 20 mins here.

Why am I mulling over sun, sea and public holidays anyway? well I'm off to Ireland in 5 weeks and not for a holiday but to live there, they have 9 public holidays and it may well be raining during them. I'll be self employed anyway so it shant worry me. Hopefully my Mom and Dad will come visit and do my washing and  borrow my car and boat.

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