Sunday, October 18, 2015

pink ladies and Fall colour

Well its that time of year when the garden is full of Autumnal colours one of my fav trees this time of year is below

Below is "tred bear"

Pink Ladies at the front of the house 

Cosmos have been great this year too a planter box on my back patio has been flowering for weeks and there is a patch of them where my dogwood/ bramble patch used to be.

Moved the wind vane recently

I've been crook with a chest infection since George and Gail left and also have an ulcer of something giving me stomach cramps which is due to be scoped later this month whenever I can get an appointment at the hospital. The chest infection left me a bit lethargic and I havent been doing much work but I'm feeling a bit better now and there seems to be fewer midgies so there are lots of jobs needing doing. 

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