Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nice November weather

No I'm not being sarcastic it has been a nice month so far. There have been some nice sunsets but they are behind a clump of tall pines now when I look from the house, in midsummer the sun sets over the mountains to the west of us about 10-15 degrees further North than at the moment. 

Technically speaking, the Sun rises exactly in the east only on or near the two equinoxes (around March 21st and September 23rd), everywhere on Earth except at the North and South poles. At other times of the year the Sun does not rise due east, but some distance to the north or south of due east. The "some distance" gets bigger the further you go from the equator and the closer you get to either pole. Above the polar circles, the Sun can even rise in the north or the south, and doesn't rise or set at all during a period of time that grows from 0 to 6 months as you travel from the polar circle to the pole.

Interesting ehh. 

Anyway I have been busy carving with the chainsaw again and have a sitting bear now out the front. The frog also got a coat of paint in passing.

 John might be coming up on Friday to give me some gardening tips and incentive to start more projects its good over the winter as there are no midgies and the grass doesnt have to be cut ever week, I did run the mower over a lawn yesterday but that was to pick up leaves rather than rake them as its easier. 

Have to go into Galway on Friday for a meeting with a website makeover job and have been busy perfecting an online booking system for the site that will be heaps cheaper for them than using the likes of checkfront.


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